In today’s extremely fashionable, sleek and sexy world, things get a little demanding or steep when it comes to dressing up. Let’s face it, when you’re a plus size woman, it seems like the pressure is much more felt than, let us say, our slimmer counterparts. Oftentimes, fuller women tend to be more cautious about the color she wears and ends up sticking with the safest, most basic black. The truth is, the desire to explore is there – – – as how every woman so looks forward to slipping on beautifully into a red dress and give justice to this bold trend. Probably, it just takes a little encouragement to get them to don this fiery hue with confidence. Some helpful fashion advises would also come in quite handy to help you step in the red zone with ease.

Keep it to a minimum. Think about it – – – if you drape yourself with red all over, from turtle necks, long sleeves and floor lengths designed get ups, you would surely look like one messed up oversized glare. Red dresses come in a wide selection of amazing designs plus size women can enjoy, flaunt on, and look fabulous in. Empire waist designs could be presented in spaghetti straps, scooped necklines, V-necks, halter or shoulder-baring. Depending on what asset you want to flaunt on to keep attention away from where you don’t want, you can wear above-the knee styles if you have great legs. If it’s nice shoulders you have, go for strapless designs. V-necks and V-backs, or even the backless red dress could work for a plus size woman with a pretty back. Just remember to show something you have, you don’t have to hide behind the fabric and wrap everything of you.

Harmonize. Don’t create chaos by teaming your red with other bright colors. Orange, yellow or a bright green overcoat is definitely a bad idea. Don’t carry a red clutch with your red dress. You see, black works best with red and silences the loud side. If you plan to slip on stockings with your cocktail dress, or leggings with your red tunic, it has to be black. When you possess the imagination, play red with beige or certain shades of pink. Some earth colors would work great with the hue as well.

Let yourself create the impact, not the color. Red is a bold statement in itself, but don’t leave it up to the dress for people to create an impression on you. Wear it with attitude, and confidence. Remember, no matter how pretty the dress, the lack of personality would end its beauty right there.

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